I like blogging. I really do. But, for a long time, my blogging wasn't typical 'blogging.' My 'original' blog is but poetry, and really tells one nothing about my life. I've decided it is time I join the rest of the young adult world, and create a blog that spills my life onto the Internet, so that my loved ones can know the happenings of my oh-so-boring life in Provo, UT; that, in spite of my sarcasm, I severely enjoy.

So here we go.

I moved into my new apartment a little over a week ago. My roommates are some of my best friends in the world. Katie and Kendra both have their own rooms, and Brooke and I share a bedroom-- of course. :) We are all missing Claire, who is studying abroad in Vienna this semester. We can hardly wait for her to be back in Provo with us again. In spite of this, we've had fun staying up late, laughing and talking; making food together, and telling each other about our days.

School started last Tuesday, and it has actually been really good. I enjoy all of my classes so far, and my load isn't too heavy. I am trying to do really well this semester so I can raise my not-so-perfect GPA. I played a little bit too much freshman year, and now I am paying for it. However, that being said, Freshman year was the best year of my life and I don't regret one minute of it. :)
I have decided to major in English. I am considering English Education and teaching High School, but I am also considering Editing, or maybe something else in area. I want to minor in Italian, but we will just have to see how that goes. :)

Work is fine, but it's still just work. We're really busy right now planning for Christmas (Already?!?) which is good. I get my full amount of hours, and I don't have to feel like I am being dishonest because there is nothing to do while I am there. Last Wednesday night, (Sept. 3) there was a fire down by Mervyn's in the new 'tree house court.' It has been barely a year since the flood happened (Sept. 2 last year a pipe broke underneath thetree house, and flooded the entire North end of the mall.) and this being the case, we have decided the tree house is cursed. Interesting.

Noteworthy auditions were this weekend. The initial audition consisted of a solo, some sight reading, and a range test. For my solo, I sang Orange Colored Sky by Nat King Cole. I made it to call backs, which consisted of learning 2 dance numbers, and 2 a capella pieces. At the end, all of the girls got up and sang their solos they did for auditions. It was so fun, and an absolutely incredible experience. Everyone was so talented, and it was so great to be surrounded by such ability. WOW! Anyway, I didn't end up making it, but I was so glad for the opportunity, and felt completely at peace with the decision. I will definitely be trying out again next year. :)

I think I've touched all the bases, sorry about the lack of detail, but I had to start somewhere. I'll add pictures, etc to my next entry.

Until then,



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I absolutely love you.