Le lingue stranieri.

I was reading in Italian a few minutes ago. I didn't understand a word. Frustrated, I started to read in English. I didn't understand those words either. After pushing the literature aside, I began to sprawl my own words onto a blank sheet of paper; but alas, those words, too, were foreign. My eyes, watering from frustration and misunderstanding, darkened, and turned away from the corroded ideas of communication.

That might just be a metaphor of my current emotions.


obkebe said...

Well at least the words aren't really aliens. Cuz then you would be probed and you'd be abducted and taken away and I wouldn't like that at all, safe to say, A LOT of people would be sad if you got abducted.

Just putting it out there. :)

obkebe said...

But I can see the frustration in that. spiacente.

legit, totally legit.