Gosh, it's been almost a week since I last posted-- which is a bit ridiculous considering I try to write every day, and most often that happens on this blog. However, a lot of things I have been feeling/thinking this past week just haven't been fitting for the public eye, so I have chosen not to post. Probably better that way.

I think making a list of noteworthy happenings this week will probably be easiest.

This week's solids:

  • It's official, I'm moving out next semester. I've struggled with this decision A LOT; however, I prayed about it, and I knew it was right. I also prayed about whether I should continue to attend my singles ward, or attend my family ward at home. I got an overwhelming answer that I needed to go to my home ward. This happened just today, and the peace I felt after I received it was indescribable. I feel as though they need me in my home ward for one reason or another; which, really, makes the transition a little easier.
  • My mom threatened me with a sewing machine if I didn't give her a Christmas list, and I think I actually might want it. Mmmyeah.
  • I full-blown ran into a wall while laser-tagging Friday, and my head still hurts from the impact.
  • I did well on my rhetorical analysis.
  • However, I am struggling with my issues paper hard-core. And the stupid library ladies don't help one bit. Like seriously, talking in a voice that should be directed to a five year old and having one reiterate his/her topic over and OVER again while the other lady gives a pointless 40 minute tutorial helps absolutely NO ONE. Yes, I am in a Freshman writing class; but newsflash, that doesn't necessarily make me a Freshman. And even if I WAS a Freshman, that wouldn't make me an idiot. Gosh.
  • Kendra and I had a long-anticipated date to PF Chang's where we ordered DELICIOUS flourless chocolate cake. If you haven't tried it, this gem is a MUST on the to-order list. SO SO good.
  • The very same night of the PF Chang's trip, Kendra and I took a trip to Costco to buy our first under-two-dollars gasoline in a LONG time. However, once we got there (at 10 PM) it was unfortunately VERY closed. So, I STILL have yet to buy this awesome gasoline for under $2 a gallon. However, this is a time in my life I am extremely looking forward to, and I will most-likely document the occasion.
  • My baby brothers turned 18. They are both working on college applications, and beginning to prepare for their missions. I could hardly believe it, and consequently, I had a (few) moment(s) of mourning.
  • I was called stupid by an ornery, old lady carrying a dull knife around the mall while working on Saturday. My adult, male friends in security and maintenance offered to attack her for me.
  • I watched an awesome variety show put on by the BYU 164th ward.
  • I found out that my 13 year old sister is actually a VERY talented song-writer, and jammed with her for a few hours.
  • I have resolved to change my style. I need something new.
  • Also, I want to lose 5 pounds.
  • Because of the low gas prices, my insides are absolutely ITCHING to go on a road trip. I have also been itching to go to the beach since last November when I went with Jess and Liz. California, anyone?
  • I decided that I enjoy iHop a great deal amount more than I enjoy Denny's.
  • I missed my British Lit History class for the first time because I got lost in a conversation with mia madre.
  • I came to the realization that there is one more week of classes until the week of Thanksgiving break, and then two weeks after that, finals week starts. Eek!
  • I made the resolve to start practicing piano everyday again.
  • I re-did my toenails.
  • I ate my weight in Chili at the ward chili cook-off, something that I had previously no desire to eat. Apparently I love it.
That is probably good for now.
I'll try to be better this week, but no promises.


kendra said...

This is a lovely list and I want to comment on every bit of it, but this comment would be WAY too long. Although some things make me sad (moving out, etc.) others make me extremely happy (our date, flourless chocolate dome, gas prices, etc.)

I love you Kaylie Jean!

claire.bear said...

Ditto to Kendra Joan.
I love posts like this. They give me so much insight into what's going on in your life, which is something I constantly crave.
I've recently made the same piano goal...once I get home. A lot of my goals end like that.
Blah blah blah. I just love you.

Rebeccah Louise said...

i'm glad that you wrote again, it makes me happy to read. Especially since then I can pretend I see you more often (since I know what's going on in your life.)
also, where are you going to live next semester? Are you moving home, or just going to your home ward?
i love you.