Not very detailed. My apologies.

Wow, I'm not in a writing mood.. AT ALL, but I haven't posted in a few days. So here I am.

Thanksgiving was great.

Really, I just love spending time with the fam, eating great food, going to movies, etc. etc.

I can feel a list coming on...

Things blog-worthy that happened this weekend:

1. Hair cutting fest. Seriously, it was like every single one of my female relatives wanted me to cut their hair. So I did. All three of my sisters, and my cousin. And guess what? It turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself...
2. Turkey, candied yams, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie... well, you get the picture.
3. I actually got a lot of Christmas shopping done. Really.
4. Santa's Grand Event happened, and didn't kill me OR Cindy. However, I accidentally held Dan Pope's hands-- so THAT was a little embarrassing. I'm still a little flustered about it, actually.
5. I went to the movies with my cousins and family. I chose Madagascar 2 over Quantum of Solace AND Twilight. Best decision I've ever made. I was rolling. And I bought the soundtrack.
6. Finished half of my stupid issues paper. I am so sick of reading/writing about gay marriage, I could spit. Ugh.
7. I saw Beauty and the Beast at Lehi High School. It was really, legitimately good. I was sincerely impressed.
8. PUMPKIN PIE. Dad made five. They were gone before the end of the day on Friday. Such is life. At my house, anyway.
9. I ran out of deodorant. But you didn't need to know that.
10. This dialogue happened:
(After eating a bite of his banana cream pie, Max decides to verbalize his reaction to my Grandma.)
Max: This pie is disgusting.
Grandma: Well that is not a nice thing to say! (Proceeds to chastise him.) You need to go tell your daddy what you said, Max.
(Max walks over to Dad)
Max: Dad, I made a mistake.
Dad: Well, what is it?
Max: I chose banana cream pie.

Good, good weekend. Sigh. I love the holidays. :)


kendra said...

Desserts go fast at my house too. You have to fight for your share before it's all gone.

And Max is hilarious!

claire.bear said...

Aw Max! What a cutie.
I remember the Issues Paper...ugh. I wanted to punch my computer screen on numerous occasions.

I want to hug you right now.

Rebeccah Louise said...

hehe, i read this during class and got dirty looks when i giggled aloud at max.

brooke said...

oh my gosh max is hilarious. i love him.
also, you can borrow my deodorant if you want. i'd rather you do that than go without....