Today, we are living history.

We are the end of the Reagan Era; more specifically the Bush era, and we are the beginning of a new one.
We are a new chapter in a history book some forty years before it is published.
We are smack dab in the middle of something so much greater than ourselves;
and we are twenty-something, capable, intelligent human beings.
We are living in an era of change; and I'm not talking about Obama's campaign.

Today was a date that will be memorized by unborn teenage students in unknown high schools years from now.

For me, it was partially a day of personal history; but it was also just an ordinary day.
It was the first time I voted.
It was the first time I went to The Pie.
I took a tour of the HBLL.
I edited a paper.
I did a few pages of Italian homework, and a renaissance project.
I wrote a letter.
I went to work.
I watched the election, and hung out with some of my favorite people.

Obviously, not in that specific order.

Maybe one day I will look back at this day in history, and remember everything I did.
Maybe my grandkids will ask me if I was alive when Obama was elected president.
Maybe they will do a project on the bailout, the war in Iraq, or September 11;
and I will be able to tell them, from first hand experience, the things that occurred during that time period.


Gosh darn it, kids; we're making it.


kendra said...

You said it! I wonder what this era will bring . . .

Rebeccah Louise said...

can you believe it? i've been all a tither all day thinking about it. This is a BIG deal.