Dear Santa

Like most children, I love Santa Clause.

(Yes, I am referring to myself as a child here... And until my body, or society at large dictates otherwise, I will continue to view myself in this perspective.)

Unfortunately, though, a certain girl (who shall remain unnamed for the slight chance that she might happen upon this blog) squashed my belief in Santa Clause many years ago-- when I was a mere 8 year old. I remember the circumstance in stark detail, as it was an extremely traumatic day. It was the Christmas of my third grade year; potentially the best year of my life (if, of course, you disregard the instance in which my childhood beliefs were obliterated). I had made the first group of Lehi Elementary Advanced choir, I was taking a Spanish class in the early morning, I was playing soccer, taking dance, watching arthur and pokemon every afternoon, and loving life. One fateful day, I walked into my 3rd grade classroom. I was late for class on this particular day. (There could be a few reasons for this-- When I was in elementary school, the school was close enough to walk to, and I would often get distracted on the way there by things such as ant hills, playsets, kittens, trees, grass, etc.) Anyway, so I arrived during reading time-- the fifteen minutes at the beginning of class that we spent reading out of our chapter book. Reading time was almost over, and I was thoroughly disappointed at having missed it (again). When the timer rang, signifying that it was time for morning announcements, my teacher walked to the front of the room and turned on the overhead projector. A overly-large image of the man himself popped up on the screen. A chorus of "Santa Clause!" rang through the classroom.

My third-grade self was surprised. Was it time to start talking about Christmas already? I could hardly believe I had missed the signs-- Thanksgiving, Snow, Mom bugging me incessantly about things on my wish-list... The year previous I had made a countdown to Christmas beginning in July. How on earth did life pass me by so quickly this year?

"Crap," I thought. "This probably means I'm maturing..."

After a discussion about what our class was to do for Christmas that year, the recess bell rang. I was still a little dazed by the fact that December had happened, and no one had bothered to inform me. As I walked out the door, I realized that I hadn't sent a letter to Santa Clause yet. I panicked. Last Christmas my list was postmarked before Halloween. How could I have let Santa down! Sprinting back into the school to find a piece of paper and a pencil, I saw a group of my girlfriends huddled outside of the bathroom. I wondered what they were doing there, as it was against the rules to be inside during recess. Curiosity overcame my urgency, and I wandered over to their small huddle of about six girls. The girl in the middle (who will still shall remain unnamed) was talking in a hushed tone.

"What are you guys talking about?!" I asked, probably too loudly, as the tension in the hallway could have shattered and rained on each of us at any moment. (Something that was impossible for my tactless, 3rd grade self to sense.)

"Shhhh! We're talking about Santa Clause."
"Oh yeah?? I can't believe that it's already Christmastime either! I haven't even written Santa Clause yet!"
"Kaylie. Santa Clause isn't real. That's what we're talking about."

My insides began to churn, my head spun, and the time that passed became irrelevant to me. I could hardly believe the words she had said. At that point, my childhood as I knew it pinnacled, and then retreated to a lost shoe-box in an dusty attic a million miles away. It became a stash of memories that would be vaguely remembered on the rare occasions in which I would find childish bliss. The world around me was changing; something that I already knew as an 8-year old third grader.

Over the years I have come to accept the illegitimacy of Santa Clause. However, I still consider myself a believer. No 8 year old girl (who still shall remain unnamed) can ruin my faith. Not then, not now, not ever.

Thank heavens there are still those who truly believe.

I work in the University Mall marketing department. Santa comes to our mall every November, and stays for the holidays. As a member of the marketing department, it is my job to clean out Santa's letter bag. I often spend the slow days in my office pouring over the letters written in scrawly, childish hand writing. I love it. Because, like I said, I love Santa Clause.

Here are some of the best ones:

Dear Santa: For Christmas I would like cars, ghost costume, shaving kit, new pajamas, spider-man, radio, video games, and my sister to be nice to me. Airplane. --Chad. Ho ho ho.

I want a cupcake maker. Thank you Santa. Love Averie

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a telescope the kind of telescope that can see the moon prfickt. From Austin

Dear Santa, The only thing I would like is a motor scooter with a seat so another person can sit (and it's on the side) also a seat for me. It's alright if you can't get this, if you can't you can get me anything you feel like I need. Here are the things I want if you can't get me that also you could just plain give me a motor scooter I could stand on. 1) Baby Alive 2.)A huge stuffed Animal. You don't have to give me anything if you don't want to. you can give me something else. Love Alessia

Dear Santa, Where is buddy? I want a pony. -Camlyn

Dear Santa, What's the tooth fairy's phone number? Joe

Sabrina I love you Dear Santa I want little pet shop of ariel. I love you. Sabrina

Dear Santa, I have tried too be good this year. And this is what I want sin it a idog and idog clothes and a idog purse and for you too be happy. Love, Raven. (She left her address. Cute.)

Duncan Christmas List: FAKE (This was circled four or five times) machine gun, Lamborghini car.

Dear Santa, How are you. I have been a very good girl this year. Please bring me a jewelry box, a barbie house and some barbies. My mom said I have been a very good girl this year. I can't wait until Christmas because I like to see the reindeer foot tracks in the snow. Love, Addy

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a desk and a chair. We don't have a chimney, but you can use your magic to open our door. Jared

Dear Santa, I want a pony and a barbie and roller skates and rollerskates for the ony and roller skates for the barbie and a helmet and a helmet for the pony and a helmet for the barbie and lost of bandaids and lots of bandaids for the pony and the barbie. Jebus

Good Stuff.

My Christmas List:

1. "A" Grades
2. Christmas souffle
3. "A" Grades next semester, too.
4. A Christmas tape.


kendra said...

Precious. I love these. It has rekindled my belief in Santa Clause. I can't wait to have precious little ones like this.

Rebeccah Louise said...

oh my goodness! I can't handle that kind of cuteness.
Alessia's letter is my favorite.
and the first.
oh man, i can't wait either.

claire.bear said...

Girl, I'm grinning so wide, my cheeks hurt. I loved this post beyond reason. I am so excited for Christmas and I am so excited to be with my Kaylie.

I love you so much.

brooke said...

oh my gosh this was so great! so well written and hilarious.
you SHOULD be an english major, fer sure.