Open day.

My favorite blogs to read are the ones written by the people that completely open themselves and their lives up to friends, family, acquaintances, and occasionally, complete strangers via the world wide web-- regardless of the consequences that the information they have exposed might entail. For some reason, the intricate details of their lives seem so fascinating to me... I know, stalker-ish, yeah?

However, as for my personal blog, this is a practice that I avoid entirely, even considering my respect for the people that DO open themselves up completely. I have a stark fear of the 'unknowns' that could possibly be faithful blog-followers of mine. Consequently, I blog about non-consequential things, and save the private, secretive things for the pages of my journal. Terribly dull, I'm aware.


However, I'm really not about to change.
Fooled ya, didn't I? Sorry to disappoint, bloggettes.
I still appreciate your faithful readership. Always.

The outer, less intricate things of today:

Ummm, currently? I'm talking to David Archuleta on fbchat. No, seriously. This is not a joke.

I cannot get enough Riesens into my system. They are probably the absolute BEST candy ever invented, and I keep making trips to the front desk to re-stock. It's pathetic.

I am waiting in anxious anticipation for a text from the University Police Department stating that they are having a practice test of the Y-alert system. Why am I waiting so anxiously? Because I am scared of being un-informed. I'm scared a lack of control. I am scared of being left out on the topic of the text that most EVERY BYU student should receive today. FOMO. Seriously.

Also, absolutely EVERYONE I know is engaged, or seriously dating someone. And when I say absolutely everyone, I really mean most everyone from high school. And when I say most everyone from high school, I really mean the ones from high school that did NOT attend BYU. (I'm trying to emphasize a point here.) Good for them. It's just weird.

Of course, I really have nowhere to talk, as I will most likely be married by the end of this year. (If I'm not, I will have lost a lot of bets for a lot of people. Haha. ...But seriously.)

I miss Leland James. A lot. But I could spend a whole post on that, so I will refrain.

I also want to discuss decision making. Look forward to that, explored in detail, in an upcoming post. Also, relationships. Interesting stuff, I know.

As for now, I'm out kids. Sorry about the lack of development in this blog. I'm exhausted. What can I say?


kendra said...

several things:

1. Jealous. I want to talk to David! I fb friend requested him and he hasn't responded. Come on DA, make some time for your adoring fans!

2. I love reading your blog no matter the topic

3. I need some more of you in my life

oh yeah, and . . .

4. I love you!

Rebeccah Louise said...

i wanted to make a list too! I'm copying Kendra.

1. you're blog is about your life, and it's the little details that don't seem important that make us up.

2. 8 of my friends got married last month.

3. i want to steal the things kendra said again. i love you. i need more of you.