Sometimes I sing songs

I've had a few reminders in the last week of how much I love music.
Consequently, I've been playing again.

This is a little diddy I came up with today messing around on my guitar.
Forgive my rustiness, both in my voice, and on guitar... It's been quite some time since I've worked on either.

And the hair, too. The hair's bad. And my face isn't done. Also bad. Sorry.

Also-- in the beginning I say, "I've been messing around on the guitar instead of...blogging."
False. I've been messing around on the guitar instead of studying. And now I'm blogging instead of studying. Just thought I'd clarify-- Although that statement does dictate my loyalties towards my religious blog readers. I thank you, and I apologize for the lack of blogging. I'll make it up to you, one day.

But for today-- this will have to suffice.

{Video has been removed due to increased traffic, and inability/embarassedness of traffic-ee}

Also-- Kate, Ian and I watched V for Vendetta (edited) on Valentines Day-- so that's where the Guy Fox reference is from in the song. Plus we were just studying it a few weeks ago in Brit Lit. I'm not completely random.

This time, anyway.

Thanks for reading/watching.


Rebeccah Louise said...

today i watched this on campus, but didn't have my headphones.
so the jkb heard your lovely voice.
this is wonderful.

kendra said...

my friend is really great!

that's you ;)

brooke said...

i like this. the melody is really pretty. also, the hair is NOT bad.
i'm glad that you're singing and writing again:D

Angie said...

Another thing to add to my list of things that make Kaylie awesome. I didn't know you were so talented! You have such a beautiful voice! I don't think I could ever come up with a song out of my head that wasn't something I'd heard somewhere else before. That is impressive. And it sounded great. I love that you're bold enough to share. Thanks, it was fun!

Claire Sorensen said...

Sometimes singing songs should become always singing songs.
I love your voice so much.