Spinning the silver lining.

It seemed as though the turn of the next century would happen before I finished all the work I had to do today. It seemed that no matter how long and hard I worked, I would never get quite enough done. And so, prolonging the inevitable it seemed, I spent my entire day off working. The school type. I figured I would be working late into the night tonight; that was a decision I made about two hours ago.

Approximately 5 minutes ago, I finished a discussion on blackboard, and looked through my planner to find the next task on my list.

And every single one was checked off.

My room is clean, my laundry is done, I'm prepared for all of my upcoming classes this week and some for next week, and I even have time to watch the office episode I missed yesterday. And blog. Amazing.


kendra said...

You make lists too?!?! I am so glad. Isn't that a great feeling?


Angie said...

I found your blog! Woo hoo!!

Isn't getting things done amazing? I just love checking things off my list. We should be friends. Isn't having a monday off work amazing? Although i miss those crazy girls it is nice to have time to get things done.

i'm glad i found this, now i'm going to go read a bunch more of your posts! you can look at my blog if you get bored..... ;)

Angie said...

just read through this page. your blog = my new favorite read.
i wish i had the patience to write so intelligently on my blog, but i guess i will let you do the intelligent writing and i'll stick with the pretty pictures. your blog is like an acclaimed novel and mine is like a children's picture book. they both have their place. :)
anyway i love you kaylie! you are awesome. i'm glad to know you.
(and i hope my lack of capitalization isn't driving you insane. i got lazy...)