[on questioning your life's endeavors because of one stupid assignment]

How does Emerson express self-reliance as an active endeavor?
When one is passive, who is doing the acting? What institutions is Emerson critical of and why?
WHY does the pursuit of self-reliance require action?
The pursuit of becoming self-reliant is a quest which requires action.
Sure. Sure it does. How? Why? Expand?
I must be completely retarded.
Because I have absolutely nothing to say, and 6-8 pages to do so.


Calee said...

I loved his self-reliance essay! Hmmm,I wonder if I could dig up the paper I had to do on it to commiserate with you...

brooke said...


My mouth was shaped like that when I saw that you had posted. Please continue to do so.

This comment seems like the wrong place to tell you [again] how much I love you, because today it's so freaking much and it's one of those times I can't explain.
Just know it's sooo there.

JulSH said...

reasons why I'm glad to have a "D-O-N-E" next to the "graduate from college"

Good Luck.

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