Hey guys. I have died.

And gone to heaven.

I will never love another musician as much as I love Billy Joel.

It's one of those kind of things where only screaming until your vocal chords bleed and your pancreas implodes and you pass out from the sheer awesomeness of the concert you just attended can explain.

So I'm not going to try.



Angie said...

It finally came!! I remember you talking about this before I moved last year! Even then you were super excited. I still remember your face when you told us about it. I can only imagine you last night! Wow, I bet it was amazing.

Lana Pualani said...

kaylie!!! i'm so happy you enjoyed it. lets talk about it. i wanna hear more about how it was!

brooke said...

favorite thing about this post: the label.

Angie said...

You will see me when I come, I'm coming into the office to visit! So excited to see everyone and feel that SmilePerfect magic. :)