that old bard.

and yet i love him for it.

but this is the hardest exam i have ever, ever witnessed.
sleepless weekend.

and my ontology will be refuted by the ethereal existence that takes its place post-examination.

like a rolling stone.


JulSH said...

have to admit...I enjoy the daily kaylie (even if it's not daily). Love when your words make me dust the cobwebs in this ole noggin of mine.

Happy test taking! Gotta love college.

Kayleigh said...

so, i have a confession to make...

i stalk your blog.

creepy: possibly. considering i was only in creative writing with you for a semester. but i love blogs. and yours is especially lovely. :)

and the whole fact that you love billy joel as much (maybe even more) than i do just makes it all the better.