I want to say something about Hong Kong, and I feel as though I should; but the thing is, there are no words for me to say.

I mean, there are a lot of words. But they are MY words. My words that will take up my insides and churn my thoughts and breathe my being and shape the person that I am, and that I will become. They are already shaping. I am slowly becoming.

I don't understand the words spoken here, but there is a language that I can feel. It is without sounds or tones or grammar.

And it tells me that we are all human, and that we are all loved by someone much greater.

One week in Hong Kong, and I am a different person.

At lunch she told me that sometimes we are scared of experience-- we are scared of leaving the pockets of our families to go, to serve the Lord. The scriptures tell us to go out, into the world. I listened to her as she told me these things.

The train passed through the station from a far away destination, but it didn't stop. It wasn't authorized to stop. But we stopped. We watched the train as it approached, and faded away. We knew the people of that train. We could feel them, even as the train roared passed. I listened to the roar, but also to the feelings.

I married into this. Sometimes I am scared, but mostly I am just trusting. I trust my husband, I trust the Lord.

And life is supposed to be an adventure, right?


Anonymous said...

What does it all mean? Life I mean

Rebeccah Louise said...

Hong Kong.
Amazing, right? I wasn't really born there, but I;ve been there.

It blows your mind.

brooke said...

i want to know about this so bad.
i love this post.

Angie said...

Wow, Hong Kong is amazing I bet. It's such an amazing experience to go somewhere different and foreign win tour spouse. You learn and grow so much! I hope we get to hear lots of stories about your adventures.

Kayleigh said...

there's something romantically beautiful about trains and train stations.

Julie said...

I never FULLY appreciated the wonder of a train until I stepped foot in Korea.

I never FULLY understood God's love for all mankind until I stepped foot in Korea.

I never FULLY appreciated my husband's ability to speak another language until I stepped foot in Korea.

I never felt like "home" until I sat in the Seoul Temple. The gospel links us all. Our hearts understand what our mouths can't speak.

I never fully appreciated American soil until I flew thousands of miles over an ocean to return more tired than I had EVER felt in my life.

Can't wait to hear about your trip! We must meet up this summer, k?