Baby baby baby.

I'm not really in a super-sappy mood right now, but sometimes when I talk about baby, I get a little sappy. I'm female and pregnant, though--so if my emotions seem a little out of the ordinary, let me tell you, they are.

We saw baby again yesterday. Baby is a he. A him. A boy.

When we saw baby for the first time, both LJ and I automatically thought boy. Strongly. But as time went on, I started to wonder and second guess. I guess that's just because I didn't want to be determinative. If it was a little girl, I didn't want to insult her by implying that she was masculine by thinking she was a he, or something. I got really sensitive about baby's feelings for a while there. Actually, make that present tense. I AM really sensitive to baby's feelings. Currently. Continuously.

But anyway.

So then last week, all the sudden, I start to think it's a girl. And then both of my spiritually-in-tune, missionary brothers thought it was a girl, so that influenced my opinion as well. Not that their incorrectness in guessing my baby's gender changes their spirituality at all. Because it doesn't. I mean, really.

So in-betwixt all of this, everyone kept asking me what I wanted. I hated that question. Like I said, I've been hyper-sensitive to baby's feelings. I would never say that I want a girl only to have it be a boy, or vice versa. Now I just imagine my baby boy, hanging out while I have these conversations with people, listening in... I didn't want to offend, you know?

So I told people I wanted a healthy baby. Period. And I am so grateful, because so far he is.

The ultra-sound tech kept talking about how beautiful his heart was. No spina bifida. No Down syndrome. A brain. She said, "We have to check because in 14 years you're going to start wondering if he ever had one." 2 functioning kidneys. Both arms. Both legs. His dad's nose. That makes me happy.

LJ jumped out of his chair when she said boy. Not that she had to say it. It was preeettyyyy clear, to be less than candid about it.

I've been thinking so much about this little boy, lately. He already has my heart. I feel him--not just his movements--but the person that he is. He is soft, gentle, smiley, and he has a good sense of humor. He's a lot like his dad, I think.

And now that we know what he is, I just can't wait to meet him.


Claire said...

just love, you know?


Kayleigh said...

i quite possibly got chills while reading this. wonderful. congrats again!

Crystalyn said...

aww this is so cute! I love it!

Dain said...

I love everything about you
and your new family
and especially baby boy.

He's going to be the most attractive baby this world has ever seen. I mean, come on. Look at his parents.

Jeffrey said...

Kaylie! You and LJ are the best thing that has happened to me! I am soooo excited for you two and I know you will be the best parents!


Can't wait to see the little fella!
I want my daughter to marry him ;)

sista jones. said...

yay!!! little boys are so fun. i didn't know if i would love a child like i loved my nephew when he was born. gosh, he will just be the cutest little thing.

Erin Collins said...

SO wonderful! I love everything you said. I felt the same way when people asked what I wanted! Just healthy :) I totally relate to sensing the babies personality. I can't wait to meet our babies in person!

Angie said...

Congratulations! I cannot wait to see what your baby boy looks like. A combination of the two of you is sure to produce some amazing skin tone + blue eyes in at least one of your children. :)

Calee said...

ITA with Angie, you two are going to make some good looking kids, boys and/or girls!
The hard part is waiting now that you know he's a HE and you're half way done being preggo:).

Anna said...

Oh. my. goodness. I'm so excited for you.

I'm still waiting to get the first boy (a hubby) before I worry about a second boy. But let me tell you, this post made something deep inside my heart flutter with the thought of my own future family.

So beautiful. Again, I'm so happy for you!