Package speakers.

I don't want to shower because it is thundering outside, and that feels like a good enough excuse. I don't want to write my paper because it's thundering outside, and that feels like a good enough excuse. It looks like it's seven o'clock in the morning still, because of the darkened clouds; therefore my pajamas belong nowhere but on my body. The week has been long, too long I might say. However, there were still some gems found in this week:

*Seeing the "Bee Money" "support your local artist" ad on that strange calender thing that was passed out to apartments on campus, calling the number on the paper, talking to Bee Money HIMSELF, looking him up on youtube, and realizing that he is dead serious. For those of you unaware of this local artist, you can check him out here.

*Switching my contacts finally after having my contact assault my left eye by digging into my pupil and committing other unmentionable acts that caused me to want to rip my eyeballs out for the past week and a half.

*Keeping a Red-Box DVD all week that I never ended up watching.

*Going to the DI and realizing that I am no longer grossed out by most second-hand things; consequently taking a trip to Plato's closet and realizing that that is my new favorite place to shop.

*Randomly going shopping, getting pedicures and ice cream from cold stone with Katie. (Even better, she bought my pedicure. That DOLL.)

*Using sparknotes to pass my British-Lit History class. It's the first time I have ever actually needed them, and as ashamed as I am to admit it, they helped me in a moment of need, and I am, indeed, grateful for them. I now take back (almost) every negative thing I have ever said about spark-notes.

*Spending Brooke-and-Kaylie time. This encompasses:
-Speed dating at Fallfest. We decided it would be a fun to do, a new experience, and we could check it off of our 'things to do before we die' list. The number of braces, glasses, the whiffs of rank breath, the 'dad' jeans, the zoobie, tie dyed t-shirts, and the awkward, impossible-to-carry-on conversations was so amusing that neither Brooke nor I regret the decision in the slightest.
-Going outside at Fallfest to the dance filled with UVU students-- We were dancing behind the speakers, so we could hardly hear the music, but there was a group of cute boys to our left, so we continued to dance there--OBVIOUSLY sending and invitation for an introduction, but, alas, we were rejected. We ended up seeing Leah and forgetting about them anyway.
-Being on the same page all night, especially when we walked through the fart on the dance floor, and both of us commented about it at the exact same time.
-Deciding to go home and have a movie/fatty night. Buying the frozen pizzas that contain probably a million calories, along with the most delicious ice cream on the planet: caramel praline. Trying to use my credit card to pay for the junk, pressing 'no' when the machine told me to please wait for the cashier, the cashier coming over and with and annoyed expression telling me I had to hit 'Pay for Items' on the main screen before I could use the credit card machine.
-The boy at the Redbox recognizing us because he was in the same Speed Dating room with us at Fall fest. He was so offended when we didn't recognize him, but still invited us to watch a movie at his apartment. We awkwardly declined.
-Watching the entirety of 27 dresses, even though our inevitable reaction of 'what the heck is this movie?' happened within the first five minutes. We suffered through it anyway, and entertained ourselves by predicting every approaching line, and making fun of every character EXCEPT supremely sexy James Marsden.

*Putting off writing my paper for another 45 mintues while I blogged about my week.

Love life.

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