Yesterday, Katie and I went to J-dawgs. As we were waiting in line for our pure satisfaction ordered in the form of beef with special sauce, we struck up a conversation with the witty owner. The following dialogue ensued:

Him: Hi! What would you like on your dawgs this evening?
Me: Special sauce all around. How are you tonight?
Him: Glorious with a capital G!
Me: Well, congratulations! Why so good?
Him: Why not? It's a beautiful night!
Me: AND the office is on!
Him: Yeah..
Me: Do you have to miss it? Work?
Him: Yes.
Me: I'm sorry. Are you going to tivo it?
Him: No, my wife is tivo-ing something else. She doesn't much like the office.
Me: How unfortunate.
Him: Indeed.
(Hands us our J-dawgs)
Me: I just love J-dawgs.
Him: It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?
Me: Yes. So beautiful, in fact, that I think I will blog about it.
Him: Well then! That's just great.
Me: Absolutely. Yes. I will blog about it. Have a good night!
Him: Good luck with the blog!

I am not one to take promises lightly, and therefore, here I am.

Reasons why I love J-Dawgs:

1.) The atmosphere is casual and easy going: I would feel comfortable going to J-dawgs in my pajamas, work out clothes, swimsuit, best dress, work clothes, in my halloween costume, and any other possibly-created outfit.

2.) The people who work at J-dawgs are generally happy, and are most likely funny. I mean, you'd kinda have to be, if you get to work at J-DAWGS.

3.) For $3.00 you get a J-Dawg the size of your head, topped with any toppings that may tickle your fancy. It fills you up, and feels you good.

4.) They have a special sauce whose recipe is rumored to be top-secret. This special sauce is a party for your tastebuds that leaves you wanting to know the mystery of it all, yet you know it wouldn't be nearly as much fun if you did. Not to mention, what a good marketing trick-- special sauce? If that doesn't intrigue a person, I don't know what will.

5.) According to Lizzy Donaldson, they have the best Pepsi in Provo.

6.) It's in the most inconvenient place POSSIBLE in Provo, and parking is always a pain, and yet-- the line always extends way out into the street and the J-Dawgs people have to constantly tell customers to line up on the side-walk instead because it's so darn popular.

7.) It's a shack. Literally.

8.) I'm all about supporting under-dawg businesses. (Heh.)

9.) It's approximately 7 blocks from my apartment, and 2 blocks from campus.

10.) They cut the dawgs into pretty patterns, the buns are home-made; and the entire dawg is just absolutely a delight to ALL of the senses.

Located at: 880 North 700 East, Provo, UT

If you haven't gone yet...GO TODAY.

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