Cop out blog

I feel like if I looked for something to write about today, it wouldn't be THAT hard to find, but alas, I'm sick, tired, and busy, so this is what I call a cop out blog.

I missed my Italian class today, and instead, slept for three hours. Missed a quiz. AWESOME.
Thankfully, my Italian teacher has a crush on me-- In the syllabus it says I can't make up quizzes that I miss, but I saw him at Italian Idol tonight (Yeah, that was awkward..) and he said I could come make it up during his office hours on Monday. Oh, la mia buona vita.

I love Italian. I love it so much. Seriously, I just want to be fluent in it. I will be. One day. Eventually. I'm absolutely determined.

I changed my phone cover to pink today. It's been green since... May. I think I like the green better. It's less obtrusive than the pink. Less attention-calling.

Katie is playing 'I kissed a girl.' And nothing else needs to be said about that. She's going to drive my car tonight. I'm kind of scared. And when I say kind of, I mean really. I love you, Kate.

But seriously, she saved my life tonight. Remember 'Marc Anthony?' Yeah, I thought you would. So, I hadn't heard from the crazy for a few months (awesome) until yesterday, when he called me, wanting to talk about LITERATURE. Like are we being serious? We haven't talked for months, and he calls me to talk about books? Wow. OBVIOUSLY I didn't call him back-- as that would be fatal. Later that day, Kate and I went to the temple together. Coming out of the temple, you'll never guess who we ran into. Oh yeah. Marc Anthony. My reaction was this: "ARE YOU SERIOUS, LIFE??!" So we're just making small talk, and it turns out the literature he wants to talk about is TWILIGHT. Do we know how much I hate Twilight? I'll have to remember to blog about that, but for now, this will suffice: it is a seething, festering hatred. Yeah, that bad. And he had the nerve to call it LITERATURE? So yeah, small talk. THEN, he brings up Italian. (Of course.) He asks me if I'm going to the 'Italian Idol' Friday night. I say yes, and he asks me if I'm going with anyone. Like an IDIOT, I say no. (I hadn't planned that far yet, and apparently my mind can't THINK when it's put under pressure.) So, of course, he invites me to go with him. Lovely. Then he tells me he'll pick me up at around 6:40.
"Holy crap, it's a date??!"
"I just don't want to be sloppy.."
Long story short, Kate ended up going with me, and helped me escape from a potentially dire situation. Thanks, Kate.

Also, I think I just got a call from my matches at speed dating. For some reason that creeps me out, even though that's what is expected from such activities.

Gotta go-- emergency. Really.

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bear said...

ha ha ha ha ha...cop out blog or not, I really enjoyed reading this.