Quicker than the eye.

I've been slacking.

I officially have 24 minutes until today is over, and I haven't even thought about posting yet.

I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Really, it astounds me how inspired every single aspect of it is.
I went to the relief society broadcast tonight, and I would just like to share some thoughts that went through my head during the event.

I came down to Lehi to attend the broadcast with my Mom. It was so great to just spend some time with her, and get to talk to her and just be WITH her. We got to the church around 4:30 because the Stake was serving a 'light dinner' before the broadcast. As we walked in the door, we ran into two very old, very good friends of mine. These are the girls I went through adolescence with. We were there for each other when we discovered boys, started our periods, prank phone called, talked each other through first kisses, had countless amounts of sleepovers, started high school; basically, we helped each other grow up. It was so so SO great to be with them again, even though things are so very different now. We've all made some VERY different choices in our lives, and we are all on different paths, but somehow we all came together for this broadcast, and that was just so glorious.

The broadcast itself was absolutely phenomenal. I walked away from that meeting feeling so good about myself, simply because I was a woman. It gave me so much confidence and purpose; It's so apparent to the divine nature of the Relief Society program. I love it. I am so grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ in my life. I am so grateful for the blessings I have received from it. Sometimes, I can hardly fathom how blessed I am. The knowledge that I possess is so profound, and so irreplaceable; I can hardly imagine a life without it.

More later.

Until then,

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brooke said...

i loved the broadcast tooo!! ohhhh me and dieter were buds in the pre-existence, i'm convinced.