Manangia la miseria

Today, in Italian, Signor Giovanni** gave us back our quizzes from last Friday to review them for an upcoming exam.

This wasn't anything out of the ordinary; at least it wasn't until I began to review the questions.

There was a translation part in which we were to translate the phrases given from English to Italian.

One of the phrases said: We got married yesterday.

So I wrote, "Ci siamo sposato ieri."

And my Italian teacher?

While {editing} my paper, he put one of these right next to that particular statement:

No {freaking} lie.

This was MY reaction:

**Name has been change to protect the identity of my
CRAZY Italian Professor.


kendra said...

he's in love.

claire.bear said...

ha ha ha ha...

brooke said...

you just need to stop being so wonderful and beautiful, then everyone wouldn't fall in love with you, you dummy.

Rebeccah Louise said...

brooke is right.
every time a new missionary comes through the mtc and says these words, "hey, how are you? do you talk to kaylie ever? tell her hi!"
lana rolls her eyes and goes, "another one?"
and i say, "yes ma'am, of course."

it happens about everyday. sorry i never remember to tell you. :)