This week, I found out I can (still) ride my bike... with no handle bars.

My car broke down last weekend, and therefore left me transportation-less. I work in Orem. I still had to get to work everyday this week. So, I rode my bike.

Really, though-- it's fun. I like the feeling of propelling myself via bicycle in a desired direction to get to a final destination.... not to mention the lack of running a bicycle requires.

The bike ride from my apartment to the mall is 3.05 miles there, 3.05 miles back. (I mapquested it.) Riding my bike approximately six miles everyday this week has given me some time to speculate and think; but more importantly, it has given me time to reminisce.

Growing up, I always played with my brothers and their friends. They (meaning my brothers' friends) always had crushes on me, and I always preferred playing with them over my slightly melodramatic girl-friends anyway, so it worked out. I remember one summer day we were playing outside when someone suggested we have bike races. Tour de Lehi, we called it. The races went well for the first little bit. Zach, of course, won all of them-- like he always did. Then, my friend (brothers' friend..ha) Sean asked to switch bikes with me. I, of course, agreed; and we decided to race against each other.

Now, you must know, I was (am) a very competitive person. I don't like to lose. Most often, I don't throw a tantrum after I lose, but I definitely do all I can to keep that from happening. So, Sean and I were racing. Halfway down the street, he started gaining ground, and passed me. Naturally, I began to pedal as fast as my small, 9-year old legs could carry me. (This is an estimation, I really have no idea when this memory took place.) I started to catch up to him, when all of the sudden my front tire (Sean's front tire) started to come loose. In a moment of panic, I attempted to stop the bike before the tire came free from the bike. I was unsuccessful.

My fall was absolutely glorious. (At least, my memory leads me to believe so.) I LITERALLY flew. Defied gravity. Soared. All of the above. However, very soon after, I plummeted to my (thought to be) death. I landed, and rolled, and bled. A lot. And I still have scars (literal and figurative) from that accident.

This is the story that I thought of today, as I rode my bike to work; and somehow, this adds up to a good memory.

I like to ride my bicycle. I like to ride my bike.

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kendra said...

just think, you will now have buns of steal!

Also, I thoroughly enjoyed that story. I love remembering little memories like that.

Also, I love queen.