No good, horrible, very bad day...

...that turned into a decent, actually pretty good day.

Reasons today became good:

*I got everything that I needed to get done DONE.
*I saw a bee carrying a leaf FOUR TIMES the size of its body.
*I came home and caught Ellen on my way in, and Kendra and us talked for hours about.. everything.
*I showered, did my hair, (first time this week) changed into my favorite sweats and slippers, cooked myself a good dinner, and satisfied my every mortal urge that I had been putting off this very stressful midterm week.
*Plotted various pranks with various people.. aka: Ian and Jessica. No more will be said on this matter.
*Dominated a fooseball tourney.
*AND we're talking to Claire in six hours, and watching general conference in eight.

Yeah-- definitely a bad day that turned into a good one.
LOVE those.

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claire.bear said...

Reading this brought light to my view of today. I am beginning to come out of that "horrible, very bad day" feeling and move on to the "this is a good day after all" feeling.
Thanks babe.