Dear Males:

I think your cars are so sexy.
I love it when you rev your engines and fly dangerously around the parking lot, threatening my very life.
Thank you for blasting your rap music loud enough for every female in Provo to hear.
Thank you for tinting your windows, purchasing chrome accessories, removing your mufflers, and giving your car as much horse power as is technologically possible.
It just makes your masculinity THAT much more... masculine.
I can hardly contain myself at times.
Sincerely yours,
P.S. Also, thank you for telling me your highest guitar hero score every time I see you. Can you please give me a play by play of your last Halo game next time we're together? That'd be just grand. K thanks.


kendra said...

Amen sista!

Also the word verification thing below says "woomvm." I thought you'd like to know. If you say it out loud it sounds like those hot boys with their sweet cars!

claire.bear said...

Ha! I love this, especially the part about the guitar hero score.
This is a must read for all members of the male species.
Thank you for making me laugh this morning.