Permanent fingernail-damage.

I'm becoming a contortionist.

First, I'm going to do a million crunches, then I'm going to do a million push-ups, and then I am going to let Landon come over to watch the Phillies game.

I have no desire to socialize-- and it's not because I am depressed.
No, it's because I have become a school-a-holic.
Yes, I have become a school-a-holic, right as the economic system financially crashes, and no student loans are available for my taking. Blasted banks. Blasted economics. Blasted... blasted.


*Politics. I'm just so tired of hearing about them.

Why is mascara so annoying to my eyes? Like really, the rest of the American female population doesn't have a problem keeping it on their lashes-- but I swear, I reapply 2-3 times a day-- solely for the reason that I pick it off.

My fingernails have been long for a couple weeks now. It's been nice, it makes me feel like a girl. I broke one today, though. On my right hand. So, I cut off all the nails on that hand. It's ugly.

I keep telling myself that I am going to blog about something noteworthy, or even just write something that might interest another person reading my blog instead of spewing words onto my screen in disgust all the time. Perhaps I would consider an essay about all the things that annoy me about cell phones; or maybe an editorial on the reasons why peanut butter and milk go so well together, etc. etc. (Stay tuned.) If I could find the motivation, I might even write about something INTERESTING to read, rather than spewing of my random thoughts as said above.

And then I realize I school.

Maybe one day when I am out of school, I will write interesting editorials about nonsensical things such as peanut butter and milk, or my perpetual disgust with cell phones.

And maybe not.

Maybe I am doomed to write boring, unimportant pieces of writing for the rest of my existence.

Writing such as the 10 page rhetorical analysis I am currently working on.
The thing freaking puts me to sleep.
Just kidding.
But seriously.


claire.bear said...

I'll have you know that I read all of your posts in their entirety...and I definitely plan on staying tuned.


kendra said...


Rebeccah Louise said...

can I also say ditto, or is that lame?
you get the idea.