It's 4 A.M....

And I am contemplative, happy, sad, and cold.

I'm happy for good friends, good experiences, good times, and good memories.
I'm sad that sometimes I have to be without the goodness in all of those things; I'm sad that most every 'good hello' implies a 'goodbye.'

I am currently caught up in memories, wishing for another day, another hour, another time-- because I am remembering those good memories that I am currently without--remembering and longing for them--and yet, I wouldn't change my current place in life for the world.

It's a weird emotion--Contentment strangely congealed with anxiety and nostalgia.
I can't figure it out.

Anyway-- it's (way beyond past) my bedtime, and therefore, I am choosing not to elaborate beyond this point. Amen.

Night, world.