Isn't it great...

when you know the direction you are taking your life is the right one?

When my English 150 class handed in our opinion editorials 1 week ago, my professor told us she wouldn't be giving many A grades. In fact, she told us we shouldn't expect one at all. She said she would be grading our papers harshly, and that we shouldn't get offended by the grades we would receive. I expected a B. A solid B. And I convinced myself that I would be happy with that.

Today, we got our papers back. She didn't hand them out until the end of the class period-- and honestly, I hardly paid attention all class because I was so anxious to see my score. Before she handed them out, she gave us (yet, another) lecture on not getting upset about our scores-- that college was like that, etc.. (It's a class full of Freshmen, obviously.) At that point, I was thinking to myself, "75. You got a 75. Don't be upset. You'll do better next time. Blah, blah blah blah."

When she finally handed me my folder, I was terrified to look at the score-- however, my curiosity could hardly contain itself. I pulled out the grading sheet, prepared myself for the worst, and looked at the score: 93. A. One of two.

This is what she said about my paper:

Though you expressed your concern that this topic choice was a little emotionally heavy, I felt this argument was very effectively executed. I thought you did an excellent job of incorporating logical appeals still while maintaining the full force of your emotional arguments. You seem to have a sophisticated handle on language and sentence-level mechanics, which makes your paper a palatable read. It was serious, honest, and at times very touching. The impulse to incorporate more logic I think was a good one. The conclusion I thought was very pointed and effective �C you managed to end a very emotionally-driven argument on a not-cheesy note. Again, your handle on language and timing is very keen. I hope to see more of this in papers to come.

Really, I'm just sharing because I feel good.

When I first found out that AP English credit doesn't count for English 150 when you are an English major, I was severely upset. (Just like most other English majors I've talked with.) However, at this particular moment in time, I am pretty darn happy about it. Heh.

Also, I am pretty sure I ate my weight in food today.
Who knew PF Chang's had such great desserts?

Yeah, not me. My senses were pleasantly shocked.


kendra said...

You are awesome. Congratulations!
I am so glad you know where you are going in life!


p.s. I was thinking about blogging about the desserts. Yep. I think I will, but after I study, etc.

claire.bear said...

Kay, you make me so happy. My friends are so intelligent!
Thank you for including your teacher's actual comments. I really enjoyed that touch :)

Love you. Yep, more than ever.

damamaj said...

So stinkin' proud of you, girl! (your dad mentioned your blog in the newsletter and I thought I'd check it out...hope you don't mind??).

You really have a gift with words! Can't wait to see where it takes you.

P.S. Chad wants me to reiterate the importance of keeping your "eye on the prize." Just let him know if he needs to hop on a plane to fend off any would-be-suitors whose names DON'T start with a L and end with a J.