Oh, posh.

I really think I concussed the other day.
You remember--
When I ran into the wall while laser tagging?
Uh huh.

Also, my Italian has SUCKED lately.
I don't know what's up, but I just can't freaking communicate anymore.
Actually, I'm having troubles doing most things right now.
My memory is failing me; all my body wants to do is sleep and hurt; I can't find enough time in a single day to finish all of my tasks...

This could be the result of one of two things:
1. I have become elderly.
Or 2. Finals are rapidly approaching.

I would prefer that neither of these two things be the culprit.


Another plug: I can't wait for THANKSGIVING

Three reasons I cannot possibly wait:
1. Dad's pumpkin pie. Best pumpkin pie, hands down.
2. Santa's Grand Event will be on black Friday-- and the sooner Thanksgiving is here, the sooner that blasted event will be over. My stress level will decrease significantly.
3. SLEEP/Pickup soccer games/board games into the night/Christmas music/Christmas shopping/Family/Left-over turkey sandwiches/Christmas lights/Did I mention sleep?

I want to write a letter

to all those who I've held back words.

I want to be completely honest

with all my nouns and verbs.

Really, though.

Why don't I?

I'll tell you.

Because I'm scared.
Because it's not proper.
Because it would do no good.
Except, perhaps, in making me feel better.

And THAT, my friends, is not enough.

My mind is so ridiculously fried. Really. Today, I have to write an issues paper. It has to be 10 pages, and intelligible. This is going to a difficult task, as I can't even write an intelligible, couple paragraphs for my extremely unimportant BLOG.

Such is life.

Oh gosh, I sound so angry at the world.
I'll end with this:

I love life. (Really, I do. Believe me. I LOVE IT I TELL YOU.)

Great. Now the girl sitting next to me in the lab thinks I have an overactive saliva gland.


I'm going to go.
I really hope no one read the entirety of this.


kendra said...

I read the entirety!

mmmmm, pumpkin pie! Leftover turkey sandwiches are divine! Family! CHRISTMAS EVERYTHING!! Chad Michael Murray and his freaking sexy kissing mechanisms, definitely a reason to love life!

Also I love you, probably more than I love Chad Michael Murray and his freaking sexy kissing mechanisms . . .

kaTie said...

I thought this post was going to be about Posh Spice... but it was still good.