Chestnuts are roasting, but my toes are quite the opposite.

Christmas Eve, eve.



Even though I've been working full time-- I can't even express the liberation I have felt over the past few days. I have FREE TIME... that is actually, legitimately FREE. I don't feel guilty for spending time doing the things I actually want to do... because there isn't anything else I SHOULD be doing. There aren't any chapters to read for an upcoming class, there isn't a writing assigment that should be started, there aren't chapters in my Italian workbook left to do, no studying, or different studying, or... studying.

i. am. liberated.

Liberation means leisure reading.

This is my holiday reading list (so far...):

  • The Tempest (Shakespeare)

  • The Host (Stephenie Meyer)

  • The Great Divorce (C.S. Lewis)

  • Le Avventure di Pinnochio (C. Collodi)

  • John F. Kennedy: A Biography (Michael O'Brien)

  • William Tyndale: A Biography (David Daniell)

  • Way of the Peaceful Warrior (Dan Millman)

I started working on this list yesterday, and so far I am halfway through both The Tempest and The Host, and I am loving this page turning, paper-cutting, book worming life.

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kaTie said...

dude, my reading list is all Harry Potter.... but congrats