Due to the amount of people who expressed interest in learning the resolution to my bizarre account of the happenings that occured last thursday, I have decided to reveal the resolution. If you don't happen to know what I am talking about because you weren't so faithful in blog-stalking me, you can read the account here.

Now, if I could have a drum roll please...


I forgot to put my E-brake on.
The car rolled into the middle of the parking lot.
Security, seeing this wandering car, pushed it into the nearest parking places; but because my car was locked, they were unable to steer.
It therefore took up 3.
And someone wrote a nasty note.


It was much more interesting without a resolution, no?

On a completely different note-- My English 291 professor emailed me back. I ordinarily NEVER email my professors because I am upset about my grade, but this particular situation neccesitated an angry email. I am greatly appeased now, though. He's a decent guy, and I somewhat regret the student ratings I submitted...

This was my email:

Hi Professor Duerden,
My name is Kaylie Hancock, and I am in the English 291 Section 5 class. I am emailing you regarding our most recent exam.
I normally don't do this, as I feel that people often make far too great of a fuss over things as insignificant as a few points; however...
My score on the last exam was 71/130. You said in your letter to the class, "If you're in the lower ranges, then I'm guessing you didn't study as hard as students who scored in the upper ranges." I disagree. I didn't miss a class during the entire unit, I did the reading, and I studied more than 15 hours for the exam. This was my first literature class dealing with British Literature. Before the class, I wasn't familiar with the history, the authors, and the vast majority of the literature we studied. I feel that those who scored higher than me didn't necessarily work harder, it is just more likely that they had a greater background knowledge to begin with. I guess my purpose in writing this email is to say that I don't believe I deserve a failing grade, as the work that I did dictated that of a hardworking student-- not a failing one.
If there is anything I can do to raise my grade, please let me know. I'm sure you have probably gotten a lot of emails like this, now, and in the past; but as a student it is my responsibility to do well in school, and I need to do that in any way possible. Is there a time I could meet with you, and perhaps discuss a more effective way to study for the exam?

Thank you for your time,
Kaylie Hancock

And this was the email he responded with:

I’m really sorry that I said something unfair there, and I thank you for letting me know and even more I thank you for studying as hard as you did. Two reassurances: (1) your learning will matter more than whatever points you got(but I know that’s a long-term reassurance, so here’s the short-term one); (2) I’ve already spoken with the other profs about tweaking the scores, lowering the curve, or whatever it takes to make sure grades are fair. There was a range of scores, so it’s fair that some students end up with higher grades than others, but it would not be fair to fail students who did fine even if they weren’t at the very top. You may be in the C range on this one exam, but your total score for the unit gets you back up just into the lower B range for this middle unit. And two-thirds of your grade comes from the other two units. Sound better?
Thanks for being a faithful and contributing student in the course.
Rick Duerden

I can't even express how much better I feel about the class.
I went from thinking I was going to fail the course, to thinking that I could probably (most likely) get an A. This experience has officially made me an advocate for angry-teacher emails.

However, even considering my mollification, I still have a number of finals to take before the Christmas festitivities begin. I bid you farewell, dear friends, as I must go study for my Italian final.

Until next time.


B said...

I think that the resolution is quite hilarious myself.
Can't you just see mall security out in the cold, pushing your poor car around the parking lot?
I find it quite the scene myself :)
Love you dear.

kaTie said...

I spent this whole post trying to figure out where ketchup came in... then I understood.. catch up. wow... and I am so happy about your english class because you failed to inform me of this in person.