Do you ever have those days that you just want to sit on your butt and cry, and instead you end up rolling on the floor, laughing until you cry because your friends are so great? And you want to kill yourself at work and then four beautiful faces show up and make your day? And hug the crap out of you? And quote endless inside jokes and make you happy again? And even though you are missing something very important, having boy problems, and worrying about a million things, those friends still make you smile more than you have all week? And then spend hours with you making you feel awesome?

This is a shout out to:

Claire, Katie, Kendra, and Brooke.
The best friends a girl could ever ask for.


claire.bear said...

I love YOU.
I've been overwhelmed with the same feelings lately. Whatever we did to be so blessed, I'm glad we did it.

brooke said...

that means i love you too.

kendra said...

sigh. I love you. I can't seem to say that enough.

kaTie said...

I need to comment on this as well.
I am bad at showing love.
so i lurve you all