Meet Lj:

(This is PART of a video he made me for Christmas 2005. I cut most of it for a few reasons: 1. His cute face isn't in the middle part and 2. It was taking AGES to upload, (I tried to upload over christmas, since he made this for me for christmas, but it just wouldn't work... too much memory, apparently.) so I cut over half of it out.)

As most everyone on the planet knows, I can hardly get enough of this boy.



kaTie said...

I am sitting in a computer lab on campus and that made me so happy.
my favorite video.

brooke said...

mmmmmmm lj.

but um. i hate when you post and then delete because the samples are always really, really juicy and then i go to get the rest of the scoop and i am disappointed.

Rebeccah Louise said...


kendra said...

I have been without the internet for five days now waiting in eager anticipation to watch this.

It was worth it.

B said...

Lj is one of the most talented men I have ever met. If not THE most talented. And he's cute.
And he loves Kaylie.
You are the ultimate couple, and it makes me very happy :)

(... My word verification is rekill... What?)

Angie said...

so cute!!