I guess today was a pretty significant day.
Pretty significant.


Really, this is how I feel about today; however, I have far too many other things on my mind to discuss the inauguration of President Obama. I will say one thing, though.

No, I did not vote for Obama. No, I do not agree with a great deal of his policies, or his socialistic ideals. Yes, I voted for McCain on election day. Yes, I was slightly disappointed when Obama won by a landslide. THAT, however, is in the past. Now, Barak Obama is the President of our nation. That being said, we now have the choice to do one of two things: We can either support him as the leader of our nation, or we can attempt to dislodge his authority by posting stupid facebook notes about all of Obama's negative qualities, displaying anti-obama propaganda, or incessantly stating our (negative) opinions about his newly inaugurated presidency. I think the best option is obvious. (And no, I am not leaving that to a matter of opinion.)

I am just as annoyed with anti-Obamaists as I was with the anti-Bush bandwagon. (This is a significant statement, as I was a Bush supporter, but not an Obama supporter.) It's plain stupidity, and such controversy does absolutely no good for our country at large. Instead, I suggest we pray for our new President, and hope that he will make the best decisions possible for our country at this time.


Get off your high-horses and stop acting like a bunch of three-year-olds whose mother told them to clean their room instead of eating candy all day. Yeesh.

And now, my one thing has turned into a soap box, and I don't feel much like writing anymore. Irritation can do that to a person, I suppose.


obkebe said...

here here!

AdrianneJayne said...

ditto-- the best part is, we will be getting candy-- free candy every day!

ok, ok.. that was some Obama slashing-- but for reals, we do have a choice. I feel ya 100%!

are things still going with the Missionary?