Only read this if you actually care about my life.

It'll just be a quick one tonight-- I have far too much to do to spend a substantial amount of time blogging.

Plus, my bedtime is rapidly approaching.

But I wanted to briefly update.

This weekend was fabulous.
Friday, after work and class, I spent the afternoon writing my essay test for 292 and finishing that blasted Bio project. Total--it took about 6 hours-- but I got there, and got both of them finished. After that lovely little library session, I met up with Lj's dad and the boys, and went to the BYU football Alumni BBQ. Good times there, always. It should be written that LaVell thinks I'm the prettiest thing that has ever come out of Lehi, Ut. True story.

After the BBQ, we retreated to Trey's apartment and socialized-- but this was short-lived, as we were famished from socializing at the BBQ. This consequently landed us at iHop, where we spent the rest of the night bantering back and forth.

Saturday was conference, and lovely it was. The talks were so great-- so uplifting. But, what else is new? I mean, really, who doesn't love conference weekend? Between the morning and afternoon session, I crammed in as much homework as possible. Post-afternoon session: Same thing. Homework. Homework. Homework. In between all the homework, I had a little break where I talked to my girls...Who I haven't seen in over 2 WEEKS. I miss them.

After preisthood session, Lj's dad and the boys came and picked Tara and I up and we went to Tucano's. Good times.

Sunday, Tara came to Grandma's house with me for the morning session. We then met up with the boys for the afternoon session in the conference center. We had great seats.

The weekend ended with dinner back at Grandma's. All the Sikahema men, (sans Lj, of course) Isaiah, (Pres. S's 16-year-old home teaching comp. He's been a member for a year, and he's a stud.) and Tara all came to Grandma's. It was a blast having all of them and my family together. We had a good time playing wild games with the cousins-- even when it turned slightly violent. :)

Now, it's Monday, although Monday is almost over. I turned in my Bio project, and finished one of my essays that was due today. (That essay was a divine gift. Seriously. I worked on it for 4 hours on Saturday-- and as of 6 o'clock this evening, I still had no idea what I was going to write about. That, my friends, is why you pray. Seriously. It works.)

I've got a lot left to do this week, so my blog probably won't resume its semi-interesting status until the 22nd of April: The last day of finals.

In between then, I will be giving 12o1418293746 presentations, writing 83265 papers, taking 128346 tests, going to California, watching my closest cousin get married, revamping my Lj countdown to fewer than 4 months, getting my hair cut, and turning 20.

Be assured, the excitment will return.


kendra said...

You lead a crazy life, my dear! You are so strong, I know you can do it.

In the meantime, I am waiting in eager anticipation until we are reunited again!

Claire said...

You inspire me greatly and I love you.
I can't tell you how happy it made me to hug you this morning--even if it was just 30 seconds.
You are loved and you are prayed for.
Keep pushing, girl. You're going to make it outta there.

brooke said...

just two things.
i care about your life.
it's a good thing i didn't come out of Lehi, Ut. otherwise i'd be feeling bad about myself.