We like to move it.

If you know me, you've probably, at some point or another, gotten annoyed at my incessant quoting of the film Madagascar 2. This movie was supposedly created for children, but has reached its status as one of my all-time favorites.

Seriously. I love it.

Consequently, I asked for it for my big 2-0 day.

And I got 1, and 2 from the sibs. AWESOME.

Anyway, so last night, the littles and I had a little Madagascar-a-thon.

The following video was the result of the credits. Unfortunately I didn't start recording until about half-way through-- otherwise there would have been three more minutes of this gem.

Annnnnd welcome to my life.

Don't worry, this isn't a cop out blog. I will post soon enough on the epic, changing day that was April 10, otherwise known as my 20th birthday. I just figured this was a palatable, erm, watch; merely to keep you satisfied, amused, and returning until then. Baha.


Kim said...

WELL, my kids enjoyed watching their crazy cousins over and over and over!!!

Angie said...

oh my, they have got some MOVES! haha i laughed so hard! and happy birthday by the way. i'm horrible and didn't even know. but i hope you had a fabulous day.

kendra said...

BAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I love it.

Some of my favorite parts:
*Interpretive dancing
*Max wearing the beijing shirt
*Max sticking his head in tyson's shirt
*Max staring at the camera in the end

Basically Max was my favorite.

brooke said...

Dang it. Kendra said all of the things I was planning to say as I watched. I had no idea tyson had those moves!

JulSH said...

Priceless Footage!

Who taught Tyson his skills?

Can't wait to see you all soon.

Welcome to your 20's! Enjoy 'em. They are the best years!