A gentle definition, a saga of passion filled parentheses, an ordeal of epic occasion. A description deemed unconquerable. Pencil scrawls that lack the ability to encompass the mass of the pertinent bombshell; no Shakespeare, Milton, or Tennyson can develop the harpish sound of my dictating heartbeat.

A tear cannot embrace the magnitude of the emotion, and laughter fails just as readily.
The two together, though, might manage a symphony of emotion that will only just pass for a footnote of the occasion.

But words? Words are useless.


kendra said...

This is beautiful.

You never cease to amaze me!

Sarah Lynne said...


Amycus said...

I know a word what could, in any tongue, define all things that seem..."undefinable". In boundaries and borderlines with frills from fairytales. A word that could command a thousand armies—with just a single glance.


The Eternal Father of mankind, the Great Reunite-r, the Master of Verbiage. The Great and Endless Creator. Perfection.

Those names were made not with tears, not with laughter, but with—and because of—LOVE