A little bit of my typical nostalgia.

God wasn't kidding around when he gave me some of my best friends as blood relatives.

I'll probably never be able to thank him enough for that.

How is it possible that night after night my siblings, parents and I are able to plop down somewhere (most likely my bedroom, Mom's and Dad's bedroom, around the kitchen table, or in the family room) and talk for hours upon hours about, well, EVERYTHING? We discuss everything from politics, love, and religion, to Seinfeld, the Biggest Loser, Madagascar 2, and Nintendo. Our tastes are all impeccably aligned, and yet, we're different enough to make conversations interesting. We laugh with, and at one another; everyone can be targeted, and everyone is a good sport about it.

Our house is loud, sometimes because we are yelling our opinions, sometimes because the littles are hyper, and sometimes because we just can't stop laughing. Loud is good. I like it that way. I like getting a call and having to leave because there isn't a square inch of the house that isn't being bombarded with decibels that make it impossible to hear the unfortunate soul on the other end.

Tonight I became severely nostalgic about our childhoods together that are rapidly slipping through our fingers. This fall, my brothers and I will be moving out of our house, perhaps for the last time ever. It has been known for years that this year would be one of tremendous change for our family. That doesn't make its swift approach any easier, though.

In a few months, my brothers will be serving full-time missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am so proud of them. I am so proud of their willingness to serve. I know for a fact that there isn't anything better they could be doing with their lives. However, just as it was when LJ left, these feelings of pride and peace won't make me miss them any less.

Our family discussions will be less entertaining without Zach's goofiness, and Nate's wit. The added measure of stability they add in our family will be removed, and for a while, we will be rocked by the effect.

They'll miss my wedding. Surely.

Given all of this, the purpose of my blog is to let them know how much they mean to me. How much I love them.

Zach: I love your innate goodness. I love your desire to do that which is right. You are a rock, and an iron rod. No one person can move you in your righteous desires. You are humble, and you are always willing to admit your weaknesses. You are happy. You have direction. You know where you are going, and you know why. You are lighthearted, and love to laugh. You enjoy making others laugh around you, which only adds to your lovableness. You are a light in a world of darkness, a flame that burns bright when all others have gone out. Not to mention, a Disney Trivia guru and a quesadilla whiz.

Nate: You are stubborn in the truth which you know-- you are unchanging on the paths you choose. You have the ability to love, and also to teach. You are patient and kind. You feel a deep empathy for those around you. You serve, and give. You are a strong leader, and an even stronger follower. You dictate those things which you know to be true-- no small inhibition can hold you back. You keep those around you looking for the light which you have found. You have a talent for words and expression; and use those for the betterment of those around you.

I love you both so much.
Thanks for being my brothers, and my best friends.

I'll wait for you. I promise. :)


Angie said...

oh, family. i love families. they are just the greatest. and you articulate so well how we all just get each other. thanks for this beautiful post!

Kim said...

I have always admired the relationships you and your siblings have with each other. I pray that my kids will have the same strong bond with each other. I think a lot of it has to do with your example and personality! You're awesome Kaylie!

kendra said...

Kaylie, this is beautiful. I am reading this at work and I started tearing up.

I just love you.

ms-mclaws said...

I loved this Kaylie! You put into words I am feeling at this very moment. My brother/best friend leaves for his mission in June and I am getting married in July. It's sad... but like you, I am proud and honored to know he will be serving. Family is amazing!

JulSH said...

Well said, Kaylie. Dang, where's the kleenex?

Nice picts of the bros.

Thanks for bringing meaning to my day!

Sarah Lynne said...

I'm crying.

It's kind of crazy how similar our lives are right now.