My point is needles.

Well, it has happened.

I have decided, by my own free will and persuasion, to become domestic.

This could be a result of a few things: one of which being an *undisclosed* individual will be returning from an *undisclosed* excursion in a few months after an *undisclosed* amount of time, which will most likely cause *undisclosed* to occur. Because of the occurrence of *undisclosed*, I will be making *undisclosed* dresses for *undisclosed* people, making *undisclosed* food every evening, and doing other *undisclosed* domestic activities on a regular basis, because they will be my *undisclosed* duties.

It's clearly necessity, isn't it?

Anyway, I have decided to go about this domesticity by learning to sew this summer. I mean, I know how to hem, and do simple alterations on clothing; but this new desire to become domestic requires me to learn the nitty-gritty, ins-and-outs of the sewing realm. Seriously. I'm making myself a sun-dress for starters. Practical, and handy. Doesn't get much better than that.

Obviously I can't go about being domestic until I learn to cook. My pathetic attempts at making sophisticated dinners with my George Foreman grill simply must cease. I feel as though it would be too ambitious to attempt the art of cooking this summer alongside my new found sewing skills, so, instead, I will save this aspect of domesticity for the Fall. Impossible, you say? I say otherwise. I will be living in the Italian house, where I will have to be cooking large dishes of Italian food for people that will be PAYING to come eat at our apartment and speak the lovely language of Italian with me and my roommates. If that isn't incentive to learn to cook, I don't know what is.

On a completely unrelated note, I am currently LONGING to open my used-book store. I talk about that store a lot, but lately I've been searching for a decent one in Utah Valley (I usually have to drive all the way to Park City to find one that I personally deem acceptable) and have been, again, unsuccessful. Even though my dream is to open the used-book store near a beach somewhere, I would settle for downtown Provo at this point. I'm used-book hungry. STARVING.

I could write pages about my love for used-books, but I will refrain today, and save those thought processes for another time.

Until then, though, know that I will be conquering domesticity.
Somebody should make me a banner or something.

This is a picture of my lovely sewing machine that will be aiding me on my quest to domesticity. Huzzah.


Calee said...

I disagree. Being domestic is NOT necessity- the less cooking and cleaning YOU do, the more an "undisclosed" one will have to do, thus making the household a shared domain, eh?

Angie said...

i love you! haha i can't wait for the blessed undisclosed event to occur. just thought i would share, i NEVER, okay, RARELY cooked before we got married, and i joked that we'd eat macaroni and cheese all the time. i got a lot of cookbooks as gifts though and it was great, and i just started trying recipes and mostly they turned out as planned, meaning edible and good! so in my experience learning how to cook was not a long process. it was just a matter of deciding to start cooking and then doing it. good luck with sewing though, that is a whole different story! :)

Claire said...

Yes, yes, yes.
We have never talked about this dream you have, the one about a used bookstore. Where have I been?
When we have both experienced our undisclosed events and are living near each other, I would love to be apart of this dream.
If that's okay.

Allie said...

despite the lack of description accompanying them, i am ridiculously happy about all of these undisclosed people and events.

kendra said...

I want to make you a banner and possibly join you in your quest.


Rebeccah Louise said...

you are wonderful, and reading this blog made me feel giddy and happy.
i love you.