My intestines keep jiving in my stomach just enough so that my legs can't sit still and I want to scream and cry and freak out every second and every other second I throw myself into fits of giggles because the butterflies sitting in my stomach chronically take flight and then they start to nibble at my bellybutton and then I start to cry but I think it's just because somehow a rabble of those very same stomach butterflies escaped into my brain and all I can see are rainbows and stars and waterfalls and happy endings and my eyes have a sappy, glazed sheen causing my vision to be blurred and a perma-smile is stretched across my face that unfortunately has the very beginnings of about 3 stress zits that I have creamed and popped and manhandled to keep out of visible range and my fingers keep drumming beats to favorite love songs that are suddenly 12 times better than they ever have been and I have been rendered completely useless because missionary is coming home in


2 days.

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