Oh, epiphany.

I keep thinking that I want to write something intelligent, and mildly interesting.
So I get frustrated when I write stupid things.
But then I realize that my mind is validated in its inability to focus.

Duh, August 7th.

That was a sigh of relief.
I'm not completely incapable.


Angie said...

Hang in there, girl.

JULIE said...

You are not incapable at all. Holy moly. I would just be peeing my pants continually were I you.

Nicole said...

So So Soon! i would be going nuts! im so excited for ya.

kendra said...

WOAH! I have no words so I can't imagine what you're feeling.

I can't wait for that phone call from you to hear all about it. ;)

Hey we will all be reunited on my birth! woo hoo!

Angie said...

I agreed with your political post 100%, by the way. So infuriating, especially to anyone working in healthcare. I just can't believe this is being allowed to happen. It has to pass by a number of intelligent people, right? I mean, doesn't anybody else realize that it's a phenominally BAD idea? Anyway. Thanks.