1 AM. Here.

I was driving instead of snoring, because I can't get enough of my girls.
It happens.

The moon was enormous, and looming at the very edge of the west mountains surrounding the dipping valley. I've never seen it so large in my life. It was a breathtaking color of gold, too. Emphasis on breathtaking. Absolutely beautiful.

And I thought to myself, this time next week, I'll be with Lj.

So I blasted the song, because the music speaks, and my thoughts muffle. Not anything in particular, they just muffle.

It was Rufus Wainwright-- the man singing I mean. There was a baffled king, and he composed hallelujah.

I think I kind of know how that baffled king felt.

Years ago, Brooke and I discussed the meaning of that particular song in the darkness of my car when we didn't want to separate ourselves for curfew and propriety. It happened frequently. We decided that the hallelujah is love; but it is a sad, withered, worn out love. A broken love, maybe.

I've changed my mind a little.

I'm a baffled king composing hallelujah.
My love is coming home.
And we are one in soul, me and Rufus.

But maybe it was just the chords speaking to me.

Because like I said, my thoughts muffle.


kendra said...

I like you.

I like that we be together last night and that we be crazy.

I like that you be seein' a boy next week and that i be celebratin' my birth with him in 15 days.


KaylieCould said...

That is soo crazy.
Are your grandparents in the Tooele branch up there? My grandma has live there since who knows when,so they probably know eachother.

It's scary how much you and I have in common. Heheh [:

I love Tooele,it's really peacefull. [:

brooke said...

i love the baffled king.
i want to compose hallelujah.
i love that song, because i think it can mean anything you need it to. it's so beautiful.

(my word verification: singlu. WHOA. i believe in destiny.)

Crystalyn said...

Kaylie, I really like this blog that I've found! sometimes being a facebook stalker comes in handy.
I love that your boy is home on this very week.
anyway, I like you.