Blah blah blee blah

I thought I had Jelly Bellies figured out, and then I got a peanut butter. Which was weird. Mildly unpleasant, even. But surprisingly satisfactory. Still, if I were Harry Potter, I would stick with Chocolate Frogs-- and not even because of crazy dementor whacked out madness that seems to accompany them. I quite enjoy the pear, however.

Also, Dementor is apparently not a word. At least, that's what the highschool english, wavy and annoying red-line beneath it is trying to tell me. Well, Mozilla, Dementor IS in fact a word. Helllooo, welcome to pop culture. Also, whacked shouldn't be spelled with an "h." Lame, Webster.

I'm a narcissistic nitpicking freak lately. Towards myself. Hence the narcissism. Or maybe anti-narcissism would be more correct. Anyway. The weird choppyness of my hair around my face is driving me nuts, not to mention the fact that it will NOT stay straight, no matter the amount of heat-styling I apply to it. Also, my right lateral incisor is a tiny chip smaller than my left one, and I want it bonded. Like, every day. AND, my daily workout regimine seems to be increasing my endurance and strength, but as for tone and unwanted chub, I've got nothing. I started out this post talking about Jelly Bellies and Chocolate Frogs. Maybe I'm onto something here.
Fareeeaaaak, I'm tired of stressing about my blasted image.
I mean, I know WHY I am. But it's just getting ridiculous.
I'd stress about breathing if not for my Medulla Oblongata. Seriously.

There's a weird part of me that loves law. For instance, Law and Order might be my favorite TV show. (But considering the amount of time I spend in front of the television, that might be debatable.) I love John Grisham books with my soul, and even though they are all fundamentally the same, I've read a good majority of them. And...
Okay, so that's it maybe.
It was just a thought.

My mind's everywhere.
Which is probably obvious to you.
I'm annoying myself.
And I'm reeeeaaaalllyyyy tired.
It was a long day.

But even if it was a long day... It was a long day that's nearly over.
And then, 2 days.

I should clean my room.
And figure out what on earth I'm going to do with my hair.

I love Leland James.


Mikayla said...

Oh Kaylie! I love your blog! Mine is walkingonsunshine95.blogspot.com if you want to check it out.

Claire said...

hehehe I love this. It's always comforting to read scattered thoughts when they're written by someone other than yourself.
I giggled a little and smiled a lot.
I should see you tonight--yes, I think this is a brilliant plan.