just oinkin' around.

a few weeks ago, when swine flu vaccines were available to the general public, i was not one among the few and the lucky to receive a supposed cure for the dirty epidemic that has people fearing pigs everywhere. being an asthmatic, college-attending, health-care-working, 20-year-old-- i am pretty high on the list for people most likely to contract the flu of swine.

i'm not saying i have swine flu.

i'm not even going to say that i might have it.

but i am going to say that i'm pretty darn sick.

along with, what seems to be, the rest of the entire human/byu/everyone i know population.

i spent the day hacking up my lungs, sleeping, attempting to communicate with my rapidly declining vocal chords, downing fluids, chicken noodle soup, vita c, and cough drops. Emphasis on cough drops.

and fiance? he spent the day making me chicken noodle soup and holding me while i drooled on his tie, snotted on his shoulder, and coughed like a mad woman into his chest. then, he'd lift my head and tell me that i'm beautiful. and kiss me.

i am terrified he is going to get sick. terrified.
but in the mean time, i want the world to know that i have the best future-husband in the entire world.

on top of the best fiance, i also have the best mom. she has made two trips to provo, yesterday and today, to bring me fresh (homemade) chicken broth, meds, cough drops, and vita c tablets. this is my mom, who ALWAYS has a million and one things to do. like, everyday.

swine flu.

bringing people together: one cough drop at a time.

i guess my point is to say that in the midst of all this illness, i am grateful to have such awesome people in my life. i really am so blessed.

also, i am getting married this month. THIS month.
i'm sure that post-engagement will enable me to be better in the blogging world.
you understand.

anyway, the best of health to you all.
happy oinking.


Angie said...

I'm so sorry you're sick! But I got your announcement yesterday and I love it! Mostly I loved that it showed you and LJ being completely adorable and happy together, and I loved imagining you guys' upcoming perfect wedding day and subsequent perfect marriage. I am so dang excited for you. Oh and guess what's funny. You're my one friend who happens to be having a celebration close enough to me that I might be able to attend, and the weekend of your New Jersey reception just happens to be the first weekend in months that I will be in Utah. Oh the irony. I'm sure the festivities will go on without me, however, and I am still very very excited for your marriage. Hurray!!!!!

Anna said...

Hey, Kaylie!

I don't know if you remember me, but I was in your Wyview ward once upon a time. I found your blog and I LOVE IT! Hope you don't mine my reading. :)
ps. So sorry you're sick! Feel better soon!!!

Julie said...

Please don't die.
I can't wait to see your wedding dress.
If you don't write more after you get married I will throw myself off a cliff.
Just kidding, but really.
Haha. Get better cute girl.

Kimberly Massengale said...

I think you do have the best future husband in the world... What a sweet heart. I'm so excited to go to your reception! :D Congrats again love!