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The fact of the matter is: I'm getting married. Tomorrow. This day, November 20, is my last full day as a single woman. Today, I am sane, which is more than I can say for yesterday, or probably tomorrow. Remember that insurance commercial that has the obnoxiously inconvenient things happen to the characters in the scene, and then prints the phrase, "Life comes at you fast" afterwords? Ambiguous. Sorry. But yeah. Life. Comes at you fast.

Yesterday I had 1234 papers to write and 73456 things to read and 2345 things to study for and 3487 quizzes to take and a bed to pick out and tiny little wedding things to do and moving and figuring out where to put my car because the Riv kidnapped my parking pass and cleaning for cleaning checks and waxing some parts of me that turned out to be extremely painful and eating and SLEEPING.

But today, today I just had to go to class. And I have a midterm in an hour, a midterm for Italian... which I DON'T understand, by the way... and for which I am absolutely not going to spend my time studying for.

No, instead, I will amuse my thoughts by writing on my blog; a blog that has probably ceased viewership because of its lack of updated information. It's okay. I don't blame you. Duh.

My last post was about swine flu. During that time period, I probably cursed swine flu into the grave because of my hatred for it. Little did I know, though, that swine flu would eventually become a foul-weathered friend to me.

LJ (I'm going to start capitalizing both letters because for some reason he hates that I only capitalize the J, which doesn't really make much sense to me because I love the way the little j looks, but I guess it is his name, so I will oblige...) and I had tickets to the Elton John/Billy Joel concert that was supposed to be tonight. LJ's dad bought them back in June for us, even before LJ had come home. So, in the event of our engagement, and considering that fact that the tickets still seemed ages away, we planned the Wedding for the day after the concert... and planned our wedding dinner the day of. (Today.) It was sheer madness when we figured our mistake; but, of course, the dinner was more important. The tickets got a selling slot on KSL, and we got depression.

However, just 2 days ago, I was back on KSL, attempting (again) to sell our tickets. I posted a phrase numerous times that stated the seat numbers, section, row, and date of the concert. After posting, I got a mysterious email that exclaimed I was being fraudulent in my posting... for the concert had been "postponed."

This couldn't be. Life couldn't be THAT good to me.

But, sure enough, I hopped onto a news website which, indeed, pronounced the delay of the concert. Elton John had swine flu. The statement told all ticket holders to hold on to their tickets, and they would be redeemable on the date of the new concert-- which is expected to be towards the beginning of next year.

AND I'm getting married tomorrow.

So I suppose that means I'll be eating my cake, too.


brooke said...

i really don't know what you are more pleased about--getting married or being able to attend the concert.

which is fine.
they're really pretty much equal.

Lyndsi Shae* said...

I loved reading your voice today Kaylie jean!

(I'm a believer in this story with the LJ boy. I'm glad I got to watch some of it happen.)

Allie said...

too much homework. check.
cleaning for cleaning checks. check.
way way way too much to do. check.
waxing painful areas. check. (i acutally drew blood)

sounds like you're getting married girl! congratu-freaking-lations. you will LOVE it!!

Angie said...

Yes!! It's meant to be! Just like you and LJ. I'm so excited for you!

Calee said...

Kaylie! You are married! You looked beautiful. Congrats again and have so much fun!

Rebeccah Louise said...

okay, fine.
So i just read this.

But I still liked it.