you guys.

slews of wonderful men exist on the planet.
1 of which is my husband, 2 of which are my dads, and 6 of which are my brothers. among many others. obviously.


slews of not so wonderful men also exist on the same planet.

and these slews of men inherently include the park-stalkers that steal parking places and back into you in the south-of-campus parking lots that are always always full.

i was a park-stalker today.

n a person desiring a parking spot in a lot that is entirely full, who consequently looks for car-owning pedestrians and upon finding one, will follow them creepily with their vehicle to the stall that owner and vehicle will briefly leave.]

so i'm perched at the prime park stalking place, right at the base of the stairs, and the ped-entry to the parking-lot. primo. when there's no parking places, co-eds fight for that baby. and i had it.


mr. honda civic forest green thinks that he is more worthy of such a lookout point.
so, upon entering the parking lot and realizing that
I [me, hello, right here] am already in the prime pouncing position, he proceeds to line his vehicle up in front of me and then, once perfectly aligned, he starts to BACK UP.

um, excuse me mr. honda civic? seriously?

i'm stubborn. and no male with an over-dosage of testosterone is going to make me back out of my primo spot. especially male with and over-dose of testosterone driving honda civic and arriving late to the parking lot. please.

okay, mr. civic. back up into my car with all of your manliness. then you and your manliness can pay for the damages to my car. and your insurance premium can go up.

i almost stayed there.

making the 23452 mile walk from the marriot center, i contemplated this child's behavior.

byu needs more parking spaces.


AdrianneJayne said...

I once has a similar incident, but the guy came from the other direction and swooped into the spot I'd stalked before the car leaving was out of my way. I layed on my horn for about 30 seconds straight... almost flashed some nasty hand gestures, then yelled at the guy. I'm not sure I've ever been more angry in all my life. I'm pathetic.

Angie said...

I loathe BYU parking. I actually had my parking privileges suspended because I parked illegally too many times in desperate situations. I hate it.

I also have been a park-stalker, but I must admit I have also been a pedestrian that purposely foils the plans of stalkers by walking down the adjacent row and walking through tithe next row to get to my car. BAHAHAHA! I always feel way awesome when they realize I'm not getting in a carcon their isle.

JulSH said...

It doesn't end at BYU. It exists at Costco. BYU is just sharpening your skills.

Anonymous said...

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