three times a lady.

He's two rooms away, which only equates to about ten feet.

He's strumming the guitar. No, not strumming. Plucking. No, that's not it either. It's not a cliche guitar verb. It's something smoother. He's turning the guitar. He's spinning the air with the sound from the inside. The wood vibrates.

I told him this was my favorite cardigan, and if he could please compliment me on it. He told me he likes my bangs, too.

When I first met him he played guitar. Confidence. And he sang, too. He made me want to sing, but I was scared. I'm always scared. About new bangs, and about singing in front of people.

But he makes me feel okay about both. He makes me feel good about both.

I learned today that I tell him everything.

That means something-- when you can tell someone everything. When you don't hold back. When you can express love openly, disagree openly, divulge openly, and you're never ashamed of your small thoughts that sometimes you just want to speak.

I'm glad he still plays the guitar.


Kayleigh said...

aw. that was lovely. this lj character sounds pretty marvelous!

Mrs. Hancock said...

Enjoy...your words bring back memories...don't ever stop talking, but make sure he never stops listening, either.

You are too eloquent for words--pun intended =)

Love and hugs to my birthday niece,
Aunt Libby

Angie said...

I loved this post. I love you. I love you and LJ together. Sigh. Love.

It's your birthday? Happy Birthday!

brooke michelle. said...

i love reading your blogs kaylie!

Ky said...

I love reading this and hearing about how much you are in love...it gives me a lot of hope for the future and makes me so happy that love like this exists.
Love you girl.

chooch said...

i love that your posting more kay! i love hearing about you in your eloquent blogging way.. and i love hearing about your love, it's beautiful.