You guys, I haven't written in a while.

It's because my confidence in my ability as a writer fluctuates.

Eng 318R killed my confidence this time.

I learned that I cannot write fiction.

So I've stopped for a while. I'm taking a breather. Waiting for my words to come back.

My dad tells me that I need to get used to it, if I want to be a writer. Criticism is inherently connected with writing. Or any sort of creating really.

I'm working on it.


sista jones. said...

i'm sending "i believe in you" vibes, for i do. don't let the man (even if he may be right sometimes) get you down!

Kayleigh said...

i've missed your posts.

JulSH said...

Who needs Eng 318R anyway?!?

Don't be away too long. A dose of the daily kaylie always brings joy to this house.

brooke said...

bloah is a good title.
i feel that criticism with any creating thing.
but i guess at some point you gotta accept or decide if it's worth it even if it makes you cry every single day for a while.
it probably doesn't make you cry. but i'm just saying it's okay if it does, cause theory totally makes me bawl every day.

Julie said...

Misssing youuuuuuuu. I know what you mean though. Those are rough times. Here's a big shovelful of you'reafreakingawesomewriter from me!

Anna said...

Ugh! 318R was no good for me either!
Who do you have?
...regardless, don't listen to a word they say!