something like time.

we read the letters tonight

you know, the letters.
the ones we keep on our bookshelf, that hold two years of our love in those plasticky sheet protectors and black and white 3-ring binders.

those letters.

growth is an interesting thing.

especially when it is printed in black (and occasionally pink) within college-ruled, barely-blue lines.


AdrianneJayne said...

We haven't even read our letters since he got home. Maybe we should do that. I will probably blush. And he will joke about how silly we were.

sarah said...

this made me smile! :) i don't think you two realize how wonderful i think you are. and just imagining you guys reading the letters holding each other on your cute couch makes me happy. oh i just love you.

Julie said...

Pondering/learning/brain explosion/fun/full of love experience.
I can only imagine!

Nicole said...

thats so fun Kaylie. love ya girl.

Lana Pualani said...

this makes me so happy. gosh. im so excited to have one of those binders. i love you two so blasted much.

and thanks to those letters, your my sister. heyyyy.

JulSH said...

it appears that you have better things to do than to blog.

just wanted you to know that we miss your wit.

hope you are well. actually, hope you are better than well!