Growing up, maybe.

Oh geez.

It's been a real long time since I've written.

But it's because I've had to be real quiet, lately.

God's been talking to me. And you've got to listen real close when God talks.

{If you don't, you might miss what he says.}

Last week sometime the radio flipped on at 6:30AM, signaling my time to get up.
Let me go home, it sang in a swoony, light tenor voice that sounded quite a lot like Michael Buble.

I heard it and smiled in my half-awake state.
And then husband pulled me closer.

Things are changing. Life is changing. But it's good.

It's an adventure, and I'm not quite sure what's going to happen next.

But I'm excited.


Kayleigh said...

i'm glad you posted again. i was beginning to miss you, kaylie!

Rebeccah Louise said...

Mmm, also my phone is lost, so if the answer is YES! (as I hope it is) then call me on Trav's phone.
801 391 9717

love you.

Rebeccah Louise said...

I miss you.
Can I come see you this week?

Kimberly Massengale said...

1. You're ADORABLE!
2. I'm so happy that you're loving life.
3. Have so much fun!