Oh, hello.

I want to tell you about things.

New things. Things I am learning. Things I am grateful for. Life-changing things. Things that are important. Things that I've been meaning to get out for months.

But it will have to wait.

Because for now I am headed to a 50 minute closing discussion on Walcott's Omeros, and then 50 minutes of Chinese review.

And after that I will be writing a paper on morality and poverty, studying for a Chinese midterm and a Religion midterm, and preparing a presentation on Abrogation, Appropriation and Negritude.

I love school so much.

(Not sarcastic. I really do love it.)

Also, 36 1/2 weeks down. (Men) frequently ask me when my baby is due, now (this is a big step, as men seem to be significantly more cautious about this subject than women), my heartburn is almost constant, and I can hardly go 15 minutes without thinking about this little dude and his cute little nose that looks just like his daddy's (3D ultra-sounds are pretty sweet).

My heavens, we cannot WAIT to see what our little man looks like.


Tava said...

I can't wait to see him too! And you of course!

Tava said...

I am getting so excited for you! I want to do lunch one more time before he comes though. Love you!