Yesterday I switched to the new Blogger interface. At first I'm always thrown off a little bit by website changes (probably a conditioned response due to facebook's neverending changes which may or may not turn out to be for the betterment of the website and its users), and so my first reaction was to dislike it. However, after exploring a little bit, I found the set-up to be quite convenient. I quickly became especially fond of the site-tracking section. Not only does it tell you how many page views you have had on a particular blog, but it gives you referring sites, location, browser, and even the computer type of the visiting individual. Not that this is revolutionary technology or anything, Sitemeter has had all of this for quite some time now. But rather than having to navigate to an entirely different site just to find out how many people are reading your stuff, Blogger has set it up in an easy to access, functionable, quick way. It's all just right here.

So anyway. I'm browsing around the new site, and I stumble upon the statistic portion of my "daily kaylie" blog. Fully expecting to see zero site visitors since, like, May, I was completely shocked to see how many people still come here daily.

Honestly, I'm quite flattered.

Thanks for checkin' up on me, and giving me reason to keep writing on here.

I've got some things to say, and this is my place to say them.

It's taken me time to know how, to think through things, to learn of my internal changes since being a mother.

It's a time thing.

So thanks for staying tuned.

It is much appreciated.


Aimee said...

you could actually see those things on the old interface too. stats. but no worries. i like the new one too. just getting used to it.

Mrs. Hancock said...

Our pleasure. =)